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With Labor Day behind us, many people in the Long Island area are looking forward to cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and traditional fall activities. Unfortunately, with autumn also comes an increased risk of severe auto accidents. Some of the reasons for this are described in detail below; for more information to get help with an existing accident claim, call us today to speak with a Suffolk County car accident attorney.

Back to School Traffic

As kids return to school this fall or begin to attend alternative learning arrangements out of their homes, expect to see busier roads in the form of increased traffic, school buses, and children walking to and from school. Even if you are as careful as possible, increased traffic in the fall can result in other drivers making poor decisions or mistakes, potentially resulting in a serious accident.

Rain and Wet Leaves

Rain and wet leaves on the roads can make for extremely slippery conditions. Fortunately, slowing down and braking early and often can help reduce your risk of getting into an accident. Slippery conditions do not excuse others from being careful, however, so if another driver loses control on wet leaves, you may be able to recover compensation.


As the sun moves lower in the sky in the fall, glare can become a significant problem for drivers. When the sun is closer to the horizon, it can shine more directly into drivers’ eyes, making it difficult to see. In addition, if the sun is rising or setting directly behind traffic, it can be problematic to see the traffic ahead. To mitigate these issues, be sure to have your sunglasses close by when you are driving and regularly clean your vehicle’s windshield.


As the weather cools, fog becomes more likely in the morning hours. On foggy autumn mornings, it can be more difficult to see. Be sure to use your fog lights in foggy conditions, as they are designed to help you see directly in front of you. Your high beams, on the other hand, will only make visibility worse.

Poor Road Conditions Are No Excuse for Poor Driving

It’s important to remember that drivers are expected to drive safely in light of the current conditions, and victims can still recover compensation for accidents in which poor weather played a role. For this reason, you should always consult with a lawyer after an accident, even if it seems like the accident would not have happened in better conditions. Failing to speak to an attorney could leave you with significant uncompensated losses.

Call Today To Speak With a Suffolk County Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are hurt in an accident caused by the negligence of someone else, you should contact an attorney as soon as you can. Lawyer David Kaufman understands how to get his clients the compensation they deserve and will never collect legal fees unless he wins your case. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Kaufman, call our office today at 631-761-6400 or contact us online.

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