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Exposure to asbestos can lead to devastating health consequences, including mesothelioma and lung cancer. Exposure to asbestos on the job is the number one cause of these often-deadly diseases, and the military is a good example. If you are suffering the ravages of asbestos exposure on the job, it’s time to consult with a dedicated personal injury attorney with considerable experience dealing with these important claims.

The Health Risks

Asbestos fibers are microscopic, and when they are swallowed or inhaled, they can become trapped in the body’s digestive tract or respiratory tract. While some of these fibers leave the body naturally, others become permanently embedded. The fact is that no amount of asbestos exposure is deemed safe, but most serious problems arise after lengthy periods of repeated, long-term exposure to the carcinogen.

The Extent of the Damage

The Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry reports that between the years of 1940 and 1979, about 27 million workers were exposed to asbestos. While regulations have reduced this risk over the decades, there are still some occupations out there that experience exposure. Further, because the latency period – the length of time it can take for diseases related to asbestos exposure to develop – can extend for decades, the consequences of past inadequate regulations are still lingering.

Occupations With the Most Exposure

Those occupations that are most closely associated with asbestos exposure include:

  • Construction Work – Before the 1980s, thousands of the products regularly used in construction work contained asbestos. The most at risk for dangerous exposure include home renovators and demolition crews.
  • Firefighting – Asbestos can be damaged by fire, causing dangerous microscopic fibers to become airborne. Additionally, asbestos is actually used in the protective gear that firefighters wear. Many firefighters and other first responders were exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos during the 9/11 attacks and in their aftermath.
  • Industrial Work – Industrial workers like mechanics, trade laborers, and chemical workers have also experienced significant exposure to asbestos in the form of paper, textiles, gaskets, fireproofing, insulation, and more. Of this group, industrial insulators are most at risk.
  • Work on Power Plants – Heat-resistant products from the past were a common source of dangerous asbestos exposure, and when old asbestos pipes need to be cut, they remain a serious exposure threat.
  • Work on Shipyards – Shipyard workers and veterans are some of the most commonly represented workers in mesothelioma claims. Those workers whose jobs focus on a ship’s boilers, on construction, on demolition, and/or on vessel repair are most vulnerable.
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