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A woman’s life was forever changed due to the negligent actions of several scaffolding and construction companies that violated basic construction safety guidelines. On June 30, 2019, then 32-year-old Kathleen Haley Keating was celebrating a work promotion in Mission Dolores bar’s outdoor courtyard located in Gowanus.

Sadly, she was found unconscious with her head lying on her own pool of blood following the collapse of scaffolding from the roof of a building just next door. The scaffolding fell 12 stories to the ground. Two other individuals who were at the same bar during the accident sustained minor injuries.

Workers were repointing the neighboring building’s roof when steel and wood pieces from the scaffold plunged to the ground. There were also storms passing through during that time.

The Tragic Aftermath

Keating is currently suffering from severe brain damage. Brooklyn prosecutors are also seeking to file criminal charges against the negligent companies. Keating’s lawyer and city investigators say that the scaffold failed because it was improperly attached to the roof.

Keating is recovering in North Carolina with her family and relearning otherwise simple tasks, such as remembering her own name, recognizing family members, and speaking, her father Kevin Keating, told the New York Daily News. Keating’s hospital records show that the accident fractured her skull and caused seizures and brain bleeds.

Two years later, Keating continues to suffer from headaches, dizziness, brain fog, and seizures. Unfortunately, she might never be able to go back to her accounting job.

The Lawsuit

Keating’s lawsuit names the building owner, the scaffolding company, and the building contractors, among others, as defendants. The lawsuit claims that the defendants violated various building and safety codes.

Inspectors from the Department of Buildings (DOB) claim that the scaffolding failed because of insufficient anchorage and cited that defendants failed to protect public property. Likewise, the DOB alleges that defendants left the scaffold insufficiently secured. The DOB charged one defendant with failure to do their duties as the safety coordinator of the site.

Keating’s lawyers alleged that the negligent parties failed to inspect the scaffolding for approximately ten days before its collapse because the elevator in the building was out of service. Based on scaffolding maintenance records, inspections were only performed on the scaffolding up to June 12, despite notes on each log stating that daily checks on the scaffolding must be conducted. A grand jury subpoena was sent in October 2020.

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